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Dustin Van Wechel

Dustin Van Wechel

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Meet Dustin

Dustin Van WechelEmerging as one of America’s foremost wildlife artists, Dustin’s fascination with nature began at an early age. Much of his childhood was spent exploring the wilderness and wildlife of the Arizona desert. Selling his first drawing of a whitetail deer to a dentist for $50 solidified Dustin’s desire to live his life as an artist.

After working for eight years in the corporate workforce, Dustin grew dissatisfied with the amount of focus he was able to devote to his work. This led to his decision in 2002 to leave his job and he and his wife moved into an old school house in Glenvil, Nebraska, where they reside today. Here he continues to paint the wildlife subjects he fell in love with during his youth.

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