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Jim Lamb

Jim Lamb

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Meet Jim

Combining a celebration of the great outdoors,
a genuine respect for nature’s wonders and a terrific sense of humor, Jim Lamb’s artistic expressions offer universal appeal.

Jim Lamb began training for his career in nature art early. As a young man growing up in Montana, Lamb spent his time hiking, fishing, hunting and drawing. For as long as he can remember, he has been intrigued by the great outdoors and the magic of art.

After serving in the Navy and attending college, Lamb embarked on a career in commercial art. Working as a freelance illustrator, Lamb’s talent and dedication allowed him the opportunity to work with the White House,
US Postal Service, Smithsonian Institute, Coca-Cola, Ford, Chevrolet, the NFL and major motion picture companies. In addition to doing specific works for advertising and promotional use, Lamb found an almost immediate audience in the fine art print market.In 1986, a limited edition print of three yellow lab puppies was created and sold so well it began a surprise puppy career for Lamb which has continued to this day. Since that first release, Lamb has enjoyed capturing America’s favorite mischief-makers and in doing so he has captured the attention and hearts of people around the world.

In addition to his puppy images, Lamb has become a widely recognized landscape artist specializing in plein air art in which the artist paints outdoors.

Lamb’s fine art has shared the same success as his commercial work. In 1991, he was chosen Artist of the Year for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina. The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum has included Lamb’s work in its permanent collection. And, Lamb’s art was selected for the National Birds in Art Show, which traveled to Japan and can be seen in North Light’s Book, The Best of Wildlife.

Lamb resides in Washington state with his artist wife, Cathy, and three children, Kristi, Tim and Lisa, all of whom are artists in their own right.

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