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Eric Dowdle

Ever since winning three stars for a butterfly he drew in the third grade, Eric has been captivated by art. He began his professional career nearly three decades ago and popularized a new genre of story-telling art filled with fun and humor. A talented sketch artist as well as fine-art painter, Eric is one of only a few artists licensed to paint iconic Disney storybook characters. Being drawn to interesting people and places, Eric has traveled the world creating art. His paintings include popular places like Rome and Paris as well as off-the-beaten path locales such as Frankenmuth, Michigan and Stowe, Vermont. He says, “It’s the people that make a place or event unforgettable. I find it a thrill to celebrate people’s experiences by putting their stories into my paintings.” The longer you examine one of Eric’s paintings, the more treasures you are likely to find—Easter eggs, pop-culture references, and a vibrant sense of humor. You’ll also see his signature fluffy clouds, sculptured mountains, and the magical interaction of light and shadow. In addition to being a highly acclaimed artist, Eric is also a renowned TV and radio presenter. You may have seen him on three seasons of Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle or his radio show, Traveling with Eric Dowdle. Eric’s hope is that whether you’re gazing at a masterpiece or building a puzzle, you will be flooded with joyful memories and a passion to go and make more.