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Robert Swedroe

Robert Swedroe first learned the art of assemblage as an undergraduate architecture student at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He was intrigued when he realized the composition of collage was taught similarly to the way architects are taught the art of designing buildings. After earning his Master of Architecture degree at Yale University, he became a registered architect in Florida as well as achieved the NCARB license (national registration). With a mind constantly seeking new art and architectural challenges, he began crafting collages as well as unique buildings. Spurred by the satisfaction of combining three-dimensional elements of all variations to produce colorful, highly original works, Robert’s art soon evolved into themed series. The first, his “Narrative,” refers to intricate, often dream-like stories. Extremely prolific and driven, Robert crafted his art while simultaneously designing significant buildings. What followed was an unexpected 33-year hiatus from art, during which time Robert grew his own architecture firm to achieve worldwide recognition. Within a year after returning to his art Robert had completed a body of works reflecting an expanded brilliance of color. Many gleamed with rich resin or polymer finishes. Often architecturally influenced, these assemblages boasted geometrically patterned backgrounds. As the art exploded with dynamic new pieces, the themes grew. First was “Cyber”, combining rigorous continuity and a window into Robert’s brilliance in color with form. Following were “Celestial” honoring the universe. “Reflections’,” equated to playing with light; “Tubes” challenged the viewer in games of art, and “Containers” gave new meaning to shadowboxes. Robert’s lifelong passion for butterflies – “beautiful creatures and their very limited and futile existence,” he says - now embodies his latest series. Gloriously colorful and evocative, his ongoing collages of butterflies may very well refer to his own free spirit. Robert’s art is represented by Contessa Gallery in Cleveland and the Mary Michelle Gallery in Wynwood, among others. His art has been exhibited every year during Art Basel since 2010 and shown among other famous galleries throughout his career.