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Grant Hacking

Grant HackingSouth african native, grant hacking readily admits his primary goal in art is to play with emotions. Whether it's a leopard with muscles taut and ready to leap or a mischievous young zebra prancing in the stream, grant hacking wants his audience to feel something. "i am constantly seeking to stir a mood. A painting is especially exciting if you can actually draw your audience into the scene."

With both parents being artists, living close to africa's renowned kruger national park and traveling extensively throughout the bush country, it's easy to assume hacking chose wildlife art as a career from the beginning. In fact, he had no intention of pursuing art professionally. It was art, rather, that chose him.

Upon completing his education, hacking immediately enrolled in africa's military service. Quickly the army discovered his talent and sent him on "portrait detail" allowing him to hone his skills while painting high-ranking officials and revered military structures.

Declining a permanent post with the military's museum to begin a technologies career, he was again surprised. "i applied for a computer position. And after the company discovered i could paint, they offered me more money to fill their walls with images." finally hacking realized, this was his destiny. "i absolutely love painting, and i am so grateful i am allowed to do it."

The primary subjects of hacking's work are presented with photo-realistic detail. He combines this realism with loose strokes offering an impressionistic flavor. "i like my paintings to be somewhat interactive. The lack of complete definition allows the viewer's imagination to work." dedicated to oils, the deliberate qualities in hacking's work highlight the intensity of his passion. Most of his scenes are set in morning or later evening. "at those times of day, people seem more open to feeling emotion." hacking uses every natural gift available to move his audience and has done so with excellent results.

Grant hacking's work can be found in exhibits and collections throughout the united states and europe, including christie's auction house in london and a family exhibition at the european space agency in holland. His recent tribute to the united states flag is displayed in new york's governor's mansion. Southeastern wildlife art expo has honored him numerous times and in 1996 presented him with "best of show", "vip choice - 1st place" and "vip choice - 2nd place". Additionally, he has been solo and featured artist at national, regional and gallery shows across the country.

Grant hacking has lived in the united states since 1990. He and his wife, jennifer, enjoy living in new england and spending time with their daughter.