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Joseph Yakovetic

Joseph YakoveticBeginning his artistic career at the tender age of 2, Joseph encountered a monumental problem while illustrating his first book. Unable to read or write, Joe was forced to ask his mother to write the words of his story. This dramatic intervention freed the budding young artiste to create unforgettable images. Tragically, this priceless manuscript vanished when the family moved from New York to California. At five he had his first commission and was selling his paintings to teachers in Junior High. Joseph’s exciting and varied artistic career spans more than a few years. He began his long association with Disney by creating illustrations for the original Vacationland Magazine under the guiding hand of Charles Boyer. Joe’s Disney illustration treasures include over 50 books, paper dolls and coloring books. If you’re a collector of Disney’s Radko ornaments, Joe created thirty of their most popular designs. Both artist and performer, Yakovetic travels around the globe with Mickey and Friends doing live Sketch Artist shows. As designer for Disneyland’s “Say Hello to Honda’s ASIMO,” show, Joe created the futuristic set, as well as the exciting theatre. Trained in painting from Bill Yelland, former restorer of the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art, Joe has taken his training and skills to create fine art and sculptures for the Disney Galleries. By using hidden images and shadows, Joe brings to life elements of favorite Disney classic films. He has been dubbed, “Painter of Shadows” by Disney fans.