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Work with the world's biggest brands

Your art could be linked with major players in home décor, fashion, jewelry, publishing, and gifts through our established relationships with top manufacturers and distributors. Art Brand Studios can provide the necessary expertise, experience and partnerships to ensure your art is prominently placed on products.

Interested in Licensing Our Art?

Art Brand Studios’ licensing partnerships allow millions of people around the world to enjoy the images of their favorite artists on a variety of gifts, home décor accents, apparel, books, calendars, stationary and more. Over the past 30 years, we have built strong relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors, and we have developed a wide assortment of popular products embellished with the art of some of the world’s most beloved artists.

We are the leader in art licensing, with decades of experience in product development and contract negotiation. Art Brand Studios licensed merchandise can be found in over 16,000 retail locations, as well as through our extensive trusted online shopping network and direct to consumer channels. Our record of overwhelming success with the artists we represent sets us apart, and we take pride in introducing talented artists to new audiences through our robust licensing partnerships. We also welcome new licensees to join us in creating high-quality products that consumers will treasure for years to come.

Grow your art business.

As you develop as an artist, the workload multiplies, distracting you from your passion. Art Brand Studios is your all-in-one art partner, providing a team of channel experts to amplify your business growth.